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These programs are provided free for both non-commercial and commercial use. Please report any bugs, suggestions and enhancement requests to mark@wutka.com.

If you make any enhancements/fixes that you feel would be useful to the community, please send them to mark@wutka.com and I will try to incorporate them.

Example Code for SE Using JSP & Servlets

Windows Self-Extracting .EXE

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DOWNLOAD the JOX Java-XML Library DOWNLOAD the Bean Maker

Provides a mechanism to store and retrieve Java Beans using XML. You can write out a bean using a JOXBeanOutputStream or a JOXBeanWriter and read a bean using JOXBeanInputStream or JOXBeanReader.

Documentation and example programs are included.

A quick hack utility to take an XML description of bean properties and generate a bean around it. It can create normal and indexed bean properties.

ONLINE DOCS for the JOX Library
DOWNLOAD these Java classes:
Config ResourcePool

Provides a central location for getting configuration information. Config includes system properties but changes the keys to be case-insensitive. In addition, you can specify a configFile parameter in the system parameters to read in additional config information.

ResourcePool holds a common set of resources that are given out in first-in-first-out order. The pool assumes that all resources are equally weighted. Since some resource pools may need to allocate additional resources when no more are available, the getOverFlowResource method can be overridden to create new ones.

ServiceRegistry Log

Provides a central location for application-wide services to be located by name. If a service is requested that hasn't been registered, the service registry attempts to load the service dynamically.

A general mechanism for logging error messages. The Log class supports different clients so messages can be logged in different ways.

ONLINE DOCS for the above Java Classes.
DOWNLOAD these Java applet games
with source code
without source code
with source code
without source code

Make your own .gif pictures to color and add them to your web page, or delight your own kids or grandkids at home.

Shoot through the rotating rings to blow up the ship in the middle.

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